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The Magic Memories (99)

Hello everyone!

Today’s topics are: More Italian memories (photos).

These are The Magic Memories 99, gone online Sunday, November 20th, 2022, at 0:07h sharp.

La Dolce Vita in Italia (Episode II)

I’m still touring Italy, almost finished as you’re reading this, and back home on Monday, 21st November to translate Hernan Maccagno’s great lecture in Basel.

Meanwhile, here are a few more reminiscences from my Italian travels in the past – I could certainly write a book about my magical adventures there!

Lecturing on Secret Agenda at CADM Torino 2016
…after a Masterclass with Juan Tamariz and me (Torino 2019)
Dinner with Silvan (ca. 1995)
A friendly table in Italy: Juan, Carmen, Roberto, Aurelio, Vanni (ca. 1990)

Remember to check back here for The Magic Memories (100) – The Anniversary Edition, on SUN, 27th November!

Wish everyone an excellent week!

All the best,

Roberto Giobbi

1 thought on “The Magic Memories (99)

  1. Lieber Roberto
    I missed your newsletters on the last two Sundays, although of course I absolutly unterstand, that even a magician cannot resist the magic of Italy.
    I’m looking forward to your Magic Memories #100, the anniversary edition! Congratulation and all the best.

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