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The Magic Memories (02)

Hello everyone!

It is SUN 10th January 2021 and time for the Magic Memories Number 2.

In my life I’ve given quite a few interviews, and if you find this one interesting I might upload another one or two in the course of this year’s 52 Magic Memories. Those in English, of course. I say “English” because I have text, audio and video interviews in six languages, a feat so remarkable, that I’m forced to mention it myself – with apologies to Ricky Jay ūüôā

Personally, I prefer written interviews, especially those where they send me the questions, and I then have time to reflect, formulate, reread and eventually release the definite version. However, there are at least two major drawbacks to this type of interview: first, it takes a hell of a lot of time on my side, second, it lacks spontaneity. The reward to the reader, though, is that you get concise and to-the-point answers (provided the interviewer and the interviewee are any good…).

A live-interview, on the other hand, might have more “babble”, the interviewee will perhaps say things he later regrets etc., BUT it is arguably more fun to listen to, and you can do so while driving a car, practicing Tabled Faros or while stuffing a capon for your next dinner invitation (if you don’t know what a capon is, do the Graved Lax taught on the Magic Advent Calendar of DEC 21 &23). And this brings us to my interview I gave for Benji and Richard and their sensational Of Sleights and Men Podcast. Frankly, I have not had the courage to listen to the lengthy chat, for similar to videos I do not like to see or listen to myself….and I’m told I’m not the only one ūüôā But I certainly had a good time chatting with these two well-prepared and competent gentlemen, and if my memory serves me well, we’ve touched upon some fascinating subjects and I gave a few not-so-stupid answers. Possibly I also gave some not-so-clever answers, for which I apologize, but at least I can claim to be always sincere, which is why I never went into politics…

The podcast is 1 hour 22 minutes long, and you can find it here:

Or you can download it from my Dropbox as an MP3-file if you CLICK HERE.
Hope you find some of it interesting.
Wish you a good week!
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The Magic Memories (01)

Muttenz, SUN 3rd JAN 2021

Hello everyone…

…and Happy New Year!

The Magic Advent Calendar, which ran from December 1 to 24 in 24 installments, was quite a success, and I would like to thank all those who kindly wrote in saying that they are missing it ūüôā

The facts: at its outset the post got over 3’500 views, so the statistics of the site say; towards the end it was still almost 1’500. So, assuming that figures don’t lie, here is an attempt at continuing the experiment for the year 2021 with what I’ve dubbed The Magic Memories, and this is its first installment. It will go viral every Sunday at exactly 00:07 (with occasional exceptions, this being the first one…oh, my!)

Similar to the Magic Advent Calendar it will reflect the things I’m interested in and which I believe connect in one way or another to the complex world of magic, briefly it’s the kind of things I would like to read (texts, PDFs, web-links etc.) and see (film clips). Conceptually this is similar to my agendas (Secret Agenda, Hidden Agenda ¬†and Secret Twitter) but with the infinite possibilities of Internet.

…holding a Treatment at MagiFest 2014 (photo credit David Linsell)

My first contribution is a PDF with the Treatment of my first Penguin Live Video Lecture that dealt with the topic of performing card magic in a stand-up situation and which reflects pretty much the content of my homonymous book Stand-up Card Magic. A “treatment”, for those who are new to this type of thing, is a concise description of what one intends to do, in this case in the instruction video: have a quick look at it, and you’ll immediately understand. You can put this to various uses:

  1. If you have the lecture as a DVD or as a download, you can use the PDF as a table of content, where you can highlight the items you like and add short or lengthy comments of your own. The app I use for this is “PDF Expert” by Readdle, but I assume that any good PDF app will allow similar functions.
  2. It is a very practical way (there are always several ways, of course) of preparing for any type of performance. It is not a script, although it could be turned into one by adding an extra column where you write what you intend to say.
  3. It will give you an idea of how one can run through a performance process mentally, trying to identify potential problems.

Don’t worry, this is really all very simple, and by just looking through it you will learn several things. To read and/or download the Treatment for the Penguin Live Lecture 1 – Stand-up Card Magic¬†CLICK HERE.

To see the trailer of the first Penguin Live Lecture 1 – Stand-up Card Magic CLICK HERE.

Hope you like it!

One last thing:¬†The Magic Memories¬†have no commercial purpose and are just a¬†gift¬†to those who have a similar taste as mine. However, more often than not, the content will be related to previous studies of mine (one reason why this is called “Memories”). And many of my studies of the past 48 years (!) have resulted in some type of publication (book, lecture, video etc.). So, I will reference them for those who are interested, and if I can will even offer a promotion to help in a year that starts out as difficult as the past one. In this particular case, you can download the lecture (5 hours 25 minutes – the longest Penguin lecture ever!) by¬†CLICKING HERE, and I think it’s a real bargain, as you don’t just get a bunch of good trick, but a complete course, making it an investment rather than an expense. If you want the physical DVD you can get a copy signed to your name (please mention on order form) directly from me¬†HERE. And if you get both Penguin Live Lectures, I have a promotion¬†HERE.

PS: I appreciate if you leave a positive comment and click the “Like” button, as my webmaster – my dear friend Andrea – tells me it will make me successful and rich…I don’t understand why and how, but I don’t argue with him ūüôā

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The Magic Memories 2021 – Mission Statement

Hello Everyone!

The Magic Advent Calendar (you can preview all the posts HERE), which ran from December 1 to 24 in 24 installments, was quite a success, and I would like to thank all those who kindly wrote in saying that they are missing it.

As for 2021, it looks as if the situation won’t improve too soon…I’ll leave any clever comments to others.¬†Preferring deeds to words,¬†The Magic Memories¬†project is my contribution to a small part of your magic life, if you will.

Similar to the Magic Advent Calendar it reflects the things I’m interested in and which I believe connect in one way or another to the complex world of magic, briefly it’s the kind of things I would like to read myself (texts, PDFs, web-links, film clips).

Conceptually this is similar to my agendas (Secret Agenda,¬†Hidden Agenda¬†¬†and¬†Secret Twitter) but with the infinite possibilities of Internet. Here as there the idea is to give a practical example which also serves as a door-opener. The Japanese say, “Every small world harbors a big world.” Magic in itself is a small universe, which in itself is made up of an infinite number of galaxies. By reading and hopefully enjoying the content of¬†The Magic Memories¬†you may simply stop at the given contribution, or use it as a trigger to explore the “galaxy” it leads to. Therefore, the project is at the same time simple and complex, as you allow it to be.

The project already started on SUN, 3rd JAN 2021:¬†the idea is to upload a post every Sunday of the year, at exactly 0:07 hours. The plan is to have 52 installments, of course…

If you believe that the The Magic Memories could be of interest to your friends, please forward this email to them. 


PS: …and let me know how you like the idea. Please understand that I won’t be able to get into a correspondence, but rest assured that I read and appreciate your comments which you can leave on the website itself!