The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi


“I just received your Prophecy Wallet.  What a quality product.  Beautiful.” (Bill Evans)

“This has been the Finale of my Close-up Shows, and my Encore for Stage, for several years now. It is one of the three best tricks I’ve ever come up with in my professional career of 33 years, and I’m releasing it now for the very first time with all the details that make this a miracle for any lay audience – and I’ve fooled some of the smartest and most knowledgeable magical minds with it in my performances at seminars and magic conventions around the world.” Roberto Giobbi

The effect is simple, straightforward and memorable: A spectator thinks of a card, and that card has been predicted in a pay envelope, which is in a wallet, which a spectator holds in his pocket before the trick even starts. The spectator opens the wallet himself, takes the envelope out himself, and at the end he can take the envelope home, with the performer’s business card, whom he may call, just in case he cannot sleep… This is what is left in the spectator’s “communicative memory” and what he will be telling everyone for the rest of his life.

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Comments from the Author

  • Contains access to a video tutorial with the full performance of the piece in front of a small audience (recorded at The Magic Circle of London), plus a detailed discussion of all the “Hows”, “Whats” and “Ifs” of this miracle-class trick. This is not just an “instructional video” but a Masterclass in the professional performance of magic.
  • In addition to the comprehensive analyses of “The Prophecy” you’ll also receive the explanation and discussion of how to use the same “set-up” for the performance of other classics of Mental Magic, such as “The Chair Prediction”.
  • You’ll receive all the “props” (call them “instruments”) necessary to perform.
  • One of the “props” is an old-style Himber Wallet, i.e., one with a clasp, that is in and of itself worth the price of admission.
  • The envelopes used, like the Himber Wallet, as multi-function props that open infinite doors to the realm of Multiple Outs.
  • This is not recommended for beginners, but for experienced real-world performers. (But you can still buy it as long as it is available and wait for the experience which will inevitably come if you perform.)
  • Produced by Penguin Magic to the exacting demands of Roberto Giobbi.

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