The Red Card (one set)


“I saw you perform the Red Card in a glass in Las Vegas maybe ten years ago, and I have wondered all this time how you did it!” (Per Strandberg)

“I have been waiting 8 years for the release of your The Red Card since I first saw it, and it was worth the wait!!” (Dave Izzo)

“The Red Card” is one of the most memorable mental card effects you can do, and here is what your audience will remember: You set a red-backed card in a glass, they name a card, and then the card turns out to be exactly this card! It’s fast-paced, interactive and as visual as a mental piece can get, culminating in an impenetrable impossibility.


There is a bit more to it, of course, but the tutorial (82 minutes!) that comes with it will discuss how to do what needs to be done, how to make them forget what needs to be forgotten, in order to create the deep astonishment this effect in the miracle class is capable of. All is told, nothing withheld.

“The Red Card” combines cleverness with psychology and very little sleight-of-hand to produce an effect that people will remember for along time.

This can be done close-up at a table, in a parlor situation, on a large stage, and is ideal for online shows, too.

You receive a special deck that handles like an ordinary deck, a code to access the lecture-type instruction, and a bonus teaching you how to do a similar effect with an ordinary deck, as well as a deceptive deck switch, which you can use optionally.
The cards will last a lifetime, if you treat them well, but for those who perform this often, there is a special price if you order two sets (due to weight and thickness this will increase the shipping considerably , BUT we will pay the extra charge). To order two sets CLICK HERE.