Card Magic Masterclass


„…truly fantastic!“ (M. Isenburg)

„A great complement to your already magnificent work!“ (R. Ferré)

“Masterclass is masterful. You are an outstanding teacher and a virtuoso. It fills a huge gap in magic related teaching and will reference 50 years from now.” (K. Shepherd)

Classic card magic is based on five major operational principles: False Shuffles & Cuts, Controls, Forces, Palms and Switches.

This course consist of five DVDs, each devoted to one of these important subjects. Each DVD contains a full-immersion session that discusses in minutest detail and with different camera angles dozens of the best and most useful techniques with which you will be able to solve almost every problem in card magic.

This is what most of you have been waiting for: a selection of the best techniques from Card College Volumes 3, 4 & 5, plus others which are not in the books, organized in a logical and didactical format. It’s just the techniques, but includes careful analysis of timing, direction of attention and many of those things that go beyond the pure mechanics.

This is the next best thing to being privately coached by one of the foremost thinkers and teachers of contemporary magic.

Card Magic Masterclass is the sequel to Card College 1&2 – Personal Instruction, which is now available as a download (the complete course or each of the 23 Lessons individually).

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See Steve Faulkner’s review on YouTube BY CLICKING HERE.

This is a physical product, five DVDs, each one in a sleeve, delivered as a set in a beautiful box.

Each DVD is ca. 90 minutes long, with a total running time of almost 8 hours for the set.


Session 1 – False Shuffles & False Cuts contains the best false Overhand Shuffles know to me to retain stocks and the complete deck, the Zarrow Shuffle as taught to me by Herb Zarrow personally, and several superb variations thereof, the Push-through Shuffle with variations, with details of handling on the Vernon Triumph Shuffle, which have never been published before, plus a great selection of False Cuts in the hands and on the table (Running Cuts).

Session 2 – Controls starts off with a discussion of the seven key phases from the moment a card is selected to its revelation in an effect (as exposed in my book Confidences). This will give you a completely different understanding of how to convince the spectators that their card is completely lost. Plus dozens of practical controls for one or several cards, to be controlled to the top, bottom or any position in the deck. Never before has the subject of card controls been so exyhaustively discussed on video.

Session 3 – Forces analyzes practically every way of selecting a card and offers forces to conform to those procedures. View the Classic Force from a new angle, with professional advice on how to practice it and how to elegantly use outs. Dozens of forces that will fit specific requirements, suing a handkerchief, a knife, a credit card and a large etcetera.

Session 4 – Card Switches offers a detailed look at the venerable Glide, with modern handlings, various Double Lifts and Double Turnovers, the Vernon New Theory Second Deal, which is arguable the most practical for use in magic, plus in-depth discussion of dozens of techniques to switch a card in the deck, in the hand and on the table (for the first time on video Tamariz’s incredibly deceptive Mexican Turnover tough in great detail).

Session 5 – Palms is an expert discussion on how to palm from top, bottom and center, in either hand, with single or multiple cards.  Every moment of the palm, from the preparation phase over holding it out and replacing or extracting it from any pocket is covered in minutes details. Also learn to do one of the most deceptive and elegant handlings of the Diagonal Palm Shift (Vernons method).

While the complex mechanics of each sleight are carefully examined, equal emphasis is given on how to practice, how to use misdirection and timing to afford the all-important invisibility. This is a unique and holistic approach to learning and understanding modern card technique.

DVDs or Download?

You can also order the complete course as a download only, or each of the five Sessions individually, also as a download only, or in combination with a DVD, e.g. you can buy the DVD on “Controls” with or without the Download. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the webshop of Vanishing Inc.