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The Magic Memories (98)

Hello everyone!

Today’s topics are: Italian Memories (photos); The Magic Memories go on a two-week vacation as I’m on a show & lecture tour through Italy.

These are The Magic Memories 98, gone online Sunday, November 13th, 2022, at 0:07h sharp.

Italian memories – Tanti saluti dalla bella Italia

This week and the next one I’m touring through Italy, from Lugano (Switzerland), to Milano, then Busca and Drionero in the Langhe, Cherasco (Magic Museum and Bollito Misto), Castellamonte (yearly truffle lunch), Livorno, Florence, Milano, and back to Switzerland with Hernan Maccagno who will lecture at the Zauberring Basel on MON, 21st November.

Italian Memories: Tony Binarelli and Lamberto Desideri (Rome 1991)
Talk with Cachadiña and Don Silvio at Museo della Magia, Cherasco 2019
Saint Vincent Convention 1984: Ascanio, Costi, Paviato, Giobbi


Star of the table: White Truffle! (San Miniato, Tuscany, 2018)

Wish everyone an excellent week!

All the best,

Roberto Giobbi

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