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Roberto Giobbi LIVE ACT!

I’ve turned 60 on the 1st May, and that’s my birthday present to you, who are on my private list: Four workers I’ve had in my repertoire and honed for over a 30+-years period of my professional life, performing them (almost) all over the world, for top companies and exclusive privates, at first-rate fees. You get all the details of presentation and working, plus a lifetime I’ve dedicated to the study and practice of the art and science of magic.

Penguin started this project called “The Act” about a year ago with the idea of asking professionals to perform and discuss the act they are doing for real audiences (not like lectures, which are mostly done for magicians). Only few have abided by this rule, preferring not to tip what they really do, but rather novel stuff that sells. I must be one of the very few who has performed and explained in the greatest detail I’ve been capable of, what I have been doing, and am still doing, for paying audiences worldwide.

Get it now for € 24.95 at almost 40% off the regular price, for the next 48 hours only. After that it will be € 39.95, still a steal.

More informations:

The Close-up Act of Roberto Giobbi (download)

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