The Close-up Act of Roberto Giobbi (download)


“If you want to take your magic to the next level, there is no one who is better to listen to than Mr. Giobbi. He thinks very deeply about his magic and is a philosopher at heart.
One nice thing here is that “Mr. Card College” does his entire act with no cards. This alone makes the lecture great. I buy everything that Mr. Giobbi puts out and have never been disappointed. His effects are clear, his instructions impeccable, and his thinking behind the tricks is worthy of Aristotle. Highly, Highly recommended!” (Samuel Lamerson)

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This is the real close-up act that Roberto Giobbi has really been using, and is still using, in his professional performances before real people, among them many Fortune 500 companies and private celebrities, around the world, and in six languages (but he does it in English here, and you can, too).

Experience the performance before a small audience, and then dive into a full-immersion course in professional magic. The explanation details not only all the mechanics necessary to successfully perform these entertaining pieces, but discusses the “real secrets”: how to recognize concepts and apply them to all your magic; management & handling; construction of tricks and how to combine them into an act; staging, presentation & communication; timing & misdirection; how to deal with difficult spectators and situations; practice & rehearsal, how to study & take notes, and a lifetime of study and experience of a scholar and professional performer. You will get four truly amazing and commercial classic tricks, and a Masterclass in original interpretation.

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