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Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 2

Hello everyone!

Welcome to day 2 of the Magic Advent Calendar.

My Advent gift to you today is the last segment, over one hour long (!), of my first lecture at Penguin’s, the Penguin Lecture Live – Stand-up Card Magic, which runs a total of 5 hours 25 minutes!!! At the time it was a live stream, and the server broke down, as it couldn’t handle that much – I still hold the record for the longest Penguin Live lecture 🙂 Here people who attended the lecture online sent in questions via Twitter to Dan Harlan, who is a great moderator as you will see. We discuss some interesting questions related to the lecture, of course, but also independent issues, and all can be understood and appreciated even though you do not have the rest of the lecture.

To watch CLICK HERE.

If you want to see the complete lecture, you can buy the download of it directly at Penguin Magic HERE, or if you still prefer the DVD with the lovely Penguin-graphics, you can get it directly from me, signed if you wish (please mention on order form), CLICK HERE. The content is not just a bunch of very good tricks from my professional repertoire, but really a comprehensive course in the art of performing card magic in stand-up situations (parlor and small stages). This is not an expense, it is an investment 🙂 The lecture, BTW, was so successful, that the Penguins asked me to do a second one in the same year, and you can get a bundle deal (only from me) HERE.

And now enjoy!

Dan Harlan passing on questions from Twitter to Roberto Giobbi
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