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The Magic Memories (24)

Hi everyone!

Welcome to  number 24 in the series of The Magic Memories, gone online SUN 13th June, 2021.

Thanks to all those of you who wrote in to say nice things, and ask a few questions, which I have taken note of and filed, so will answer them at some point as part of this series: More about Kaps (I have a lot!), how I take notes from watching videos, the philosophy of the Spanish School of Magic, what cards I prefer, and a large etcetera.

Interviews, quite a few…

In the past pandemic year, which seems to extend far too long into this year, I’ve been asked to give quite a few interviews, talks, lectures and private coachings. So, if you search Internet, you’ll find me answering all types of questions and do some magic in Spanish, Italian, German, French, and of course English. Just finished giving a lengthy audio interview to Michael Close, which should appear soon as part of his newsletter, and just the day before yesterday I chatted well over an hour for St√©phane Bergounioux from Paris and his channel.

Today, I would like to link you to my friend Fabian Weiss from Berlin, Germany, who has recently opened a YouTube Channel of his own, that bears the promising name “Wunderakademie”, and managed to collect quite a few interesting pieces you might want to explore – to do so CLICK HERE. Below you should be able to click on the “play” symbol of the photo and get my answers to some interesting questions he asked me.

The interview comes in two parts. Here is the first part:

And here is the second part:

Have a great week!

Yours sincerely,

Roberto Giobbi

1 thought on “The Magic Memories (24)

  1. Dear Roberto

    You are so generous with these Magical Memories! I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.

    Thank you indeed very much.


    Erik Arfeuille

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