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The Magic Memories (176)

Hello everyone!

Today’s topics are: Solution to Kenny’s “Four Aces – What Again!” plus my additional comments

These are The Magic Memories 176, gone online Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 0:07h sharp.

All The Magic Memories from 2021, 2022, and 2023, including the Magic Advent Calendar from 2020, can be found HERE. you are reading this I am on my train back home from Lorient, Brittany, via Paris.

I shall tell you more about my adventures in The Magic Memories 177; until then, here is the original solution to the problem poses last week in The Magic Memories 175, plus a few additional ideas of mine, notebook-style.

Solution to Kenny’s “Four Aces – What Again!”

I hope those of you who took up the challenge to find a solutions to last week’s problem have come up with one or more solutions that made you happy. As Dai Vernon used to remark, there is hardly something more satisfactory than acquiring a skill or coming up with an idea of one’s own – I cannot but fully agree.

So without further ado, to read the complete article CLICK HERE.

Did you find the source? The written-out page numbering plus the type used are of course the major leads…

Source is: Dalal, Sam, Mantra, vol. 3 no. 28, India 1977 (reprinted in a bound edition, Swami and Mantra by Kaufman and Company, USA 1997). There is a lot of good stuff in these two magazines, and if you like magazines like Jinx or Phoenix, this should please you.

My Additional Comments


Presentational idea to justify the envelope: “The Aces need to be taught a lesson. I am sending them to the moon.” Take envelope from Himber Wallet (use later for “Repeat Card to Wallet”), put Aces in it, and then ask spectators what the address of the moon is (after switch…). Put stamp on it. Give envelope to spectator, saying he is the postman and now needs to go to the moon…


As an alternative switch take Kaps-Balducci Wallet, from it normal envelope containing the business cards, then use Vernon’s “Switching a Card in an Envelope” from Dai Vernon’s Further Inner Secrets (leaves Aces on top of deck).

After Aces have reappeared face up in the face down spread, take the Aces and flip them face down on top of the deck, in the action executing Marlo’s Turnover Palm. As you place wallet back in inside coat pocket, or trouser’s pocket, leave palmed Aces behind.

A moment later deal the Aces face up on the table, this being an “Action of Implicit Conviction” (Sharing Secrets, p. 16). Hand deck out to verify that there are no other Aces. Follow up with some kind of Ace Assembly (e.g., “Collins Aces McMillen Version”).

Wish you all a successful and happy week,

Roberto Giobbi

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