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The Magic Memories (172)

Hello everyone!

Today’s topics are: Rusduck Card Location; Magicon in Lüdenscheid

These are The Magic Memories 172, gone online Sunday, April 14th, 2024, at 0:07h sharp.

All The Magic Memories from 2021, 2022, and 2023, including the Magic Advent Calendar from 2020, can be found HERE.

Rusduck Card Location

For the past half year I have been working on my upcoming book, Unexpected Agenda… well, not so unexpected, as I am telling you now 🙂

Albeit very time-consuming, I have a great time revising my notes from the past decades to filter out the best possible information that in my opinion is still very useful nowadays to anyone involved in magic.

I am now at the third revision, and keep throwing out items and bring others in… Maybe you are interested to know of an item I just decided to eliminate, although most of you will probably not know it, or if you do, not use it.

So, for today, here is a principle that is quite curious; it belongs to the big family of “clocking principles”, therefore of mathematical nature, but I am convinced that with an appropriate presentation it can be made into an entertaining and baffling piece of magic. I have tried it out several times on small audiences, in informal settings, and by combining it with other tricks, it went over quite well.

The trick is by Rusduck (1909 – 1959), of mirror-deck-fame, and publisher-editor of The Cardiste, a not-so-well-known magazine that ran for eleven issues in 1957/58; it appeared in Phoenix, an important magic magazine in its time, edited by Bruce Elliott, more precisely in issue #77 (USA, 1945).

To read the trick and its explanation CLICK HERE – have fun 🙂

Magicon in Lüdenscheid

As announced in the previous The Magic Memories, when you are reading this I am at an intimate magic convention in the North of Germany, which is why this edition of The Magic Memories is a short one.

I will catch up next week, where I hope to tell you a bit about my adventures at Magicon.

Workshop in Beijing 2019

Wish you all a successful and happy week,

Roberto Giobbi

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  1. The Rusduck trick is really great to know and I was not familiar with it at all. A real nice thing to know.

    Thank you!

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