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The Magic Memories (115)

Hello everyone!

Today’s topics are: I’m in Rome, Italy…

These are The Magic Memories 115, gone online Sunday, March 12th, 2023, at 0:07h sharp.

All The Magic Memories from 2021, 2022, including the Magic Advent Calendar from 2020 can be found HERE.

When in Rome Do as the Romans Do

As announced earlier, this week’s The Magic Memories will pause, for I’m in Rome right now, with a Masterclass about deck switches on SUN, 12th and a lecture on MON, 13th, both for the IBM Ring 204 “Il Circolo degli Illusionisti”, ably organized by my good friend Norbert Fazio, the club’s president.

Below is a great souvenir photo, taken in front of the world-famous “Fontana di Trevi”, the one of which it is said that if you throw a coin into, you will return to Rome.

I did in 2006, which made me return in 2015, and now again in 2023, proving, of course, that the “magic” works!

Nobody will be able to prove the contrary, because you cannot prove a negative, and that’s how superstition and other beliefs are formed and maintained – but that’s another conversation :-).

Rome 2006 (Wolf Neubauer, Juan Tamariz, Franco Silvi, RG)

Will report next week about my adventures in Paris and Rome 🙂

Wish you all a very successful week!

Roberto Giobbi

1 thought on “The Magic Memories (115)

  1. Buon giorno, Roberto!
    I look forward to the release of the next Magic Memories #116 next Sunday.
    Every Sunday I read the current notes and those that appeared 2 years ago in the same week. Today, for example, Magic Memories No. 11 from March 14, 2021. This way I have at least 1 issue to read, even if a current issue is canceled.
    It’s handy how timeless magic is.
    Have a wonderful stay in Rome, as timeless as magic or in other words: “Rome, The Eternal City”. All the best, Roberto

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