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The Magic Memories (08)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 8th installment of The Magic Memories. Today I would like to share a beautiful little coin routine with you that I used to do quite a bit as part of my formal close-up program, and still perform occasionally. Although some of you might think that I only do cards, my interests in magic are quite broad. My professional stand-up act for parlor and stage actually has only one card trick, and my close-up act is about fifty-fifty cards and other instruments. When I was young, starting magic at age fourteen, I did almost every trick from the standard magic books, including magic with small apparatus, which I built myself (how else?). At some point I even had a manipulation act with Billiard Ball Routine, Dancing Cane etc. and with it passed my entry exam in the Magic Circle of Switzerland in 1977 in St. Gallen.

This clip I have for you today was recorded at Giacomo Bertini’s “European Close-up Symposium” in Milan, Italy, in 2012, as part of an instructional video project which had only very limited circulation. I’m publishing it here to save it from being forgotten, as I believe you will find it contains a few interesting bits and pieces. It’s a short routine built around Shigeo Tagaki’s piece “Coin Assembly”. This is performance only. If you are interested to learn Tagaki’s original routine, you will find it in Richard Kaufman’s The Miracles of Shigeo Tagaki, an excellent book. You can download my teach-in of the assembly trick from Chris Wasshuber’s Too be redirected to his webshop CLICK HERE. The assisting spectator, by the way, is Alain Iannone,  one of Italy’s top close-up professionals.

…the last coin of “Coinvergence”.

To watch the performance of “Coinvergence” CLICK HERE.


PS Trivia: For all fans of Ian Fleming’s James Bond, the scheduled uploading function of WordPress, the software used for these posts,  finally works. Therefore, the new posts will go online every Sunday precisely at 0:07! Big thank you to my friend and webmaster Andrea Pancotti and his

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  1. Recuerdo cuando vi en directo esta magnífica realización de Roberto en Milán, pero ahora al tener la oportunidad de volver a verla todavía me gustado mas, mejor muchisimo mas. Es sin duda una obra maestra de Roberto Giobbi, felicidades y gracias por ofrecernosla.
    Un abrazo Toni Cachadiña

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