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Ender’s Game Review for Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic

When the PDF ebook Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic was free during this summer months, Richard AKA Ender’s Game made a lavish review of this product, thank you Richard!

A superb free resource teaching the fundamentals of card handling

Entitled Roberto Giobbi’s Introduction to Card Magic, this e-book is available as a downloadable PDF file from Roberto Giobbi’s website. It is an actual book, consisting of more than 150 pages of extensive instruction about the basics. But it does take advantage of technology, by including occasional embedded links that take you to videos which demonstrate the techniques taught in the written text and accompanying photos.

The book came about because Giobbi was at one time asked to make an introductory course for newcomers to card magic. As part of that, he created this e-book in 2012. It was previously selling for €9.95, but Giobbi has just revised and updated the entire book, and for a limited time is making it available for free, in order to promote the art of card magic.

In terms of the content, it teaches all the fundamentals of card handling, such as shuffles, cuts, and much more, as well as some elementary basics about card magic, including half a dozen solid self-working card tricks.


All this makes it obvious that I’m very impressed with this e-book, and recommend it most positively and enthusiastically. Unlike a lot of other teaching that passes for instruction these days, this is something that is truly reliable, artistic, and sound, and worthy of careful reading and study. You are almost certain to gain a great deal from reading through this entire book, and it’s hard to believe that Mr Giobbi is making this available to us free of charge. Despite all his many contributions to the world of magic, he’s not a multi-millionaire, but is simply doing this out of his love for the art, and to help others, and for that he deserves our enthusiastic support and applause. And if you do benefit from this resource as I have, then like me, please tell others about it, or consider sending him a donation of thanks, or perhaps purchase some of his other videos or books directly from him. I know that he is appreciative of all the support he gets – and he deserves it. Thank you Mr Giobbi!

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Secret Twitter, an italian review

Secret Twitter di Roberto Giobbi e’ stato un esperimento curioso… Se non lo conoscete leggete questo articolo. In breve si tratta di una versione “social”, dei due libri Secret Agenda e Hidden Agenda.

Quello che mi affascina della Magia non e’ il “metodo”, il trucchetto, il meccanismo tecnico con cui si esegue un effetto, ma principalmente il “Pensiero Magico”, la Storia, i ragionamenti che vengono sviluppati e rendono il metodo un effetto, una vera Magia.

Ci sono tantissimi artisti e studiosi che hanno un Pensiero Magico bello e completo, che con una parola, una riflessione, non strettamente inerente alla Magia, riescono ad far scoccare una scintilla nei nostri ragionamenti, aiutandoci a comprendere meglio la Magia ed a rendere più forti ed emozionanti le nostre esibizioni. Un po come “101 Storie Zen“, se mi permettete l’accostamento, dove attraverso aneddoti si cercano di spiegare concetti molto profondi.

Roberto Giobbi e’ uno di questi artisti, e nel suo Secret Twitter, ancora una volta, lo ha dimostrato. In ben 426 Tweet, uno al giorno, ha dato una gigantesca mole di informazioni, concetti, idee per creare un proprio Pensiero Magico.

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