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The Art of Switching Decks back in print!

You can find it on my website at or directly from Penguin Magic!

Here it is the email from Penguin:

And you know what? It’s worth every penny!  It’s powerful stuff. I mean, just look at what James Ward said:

“I personally feel the price is more than fair. I would pay even more for this kind of info.” –James Ward

So hey, there you go. Maybe it should cost $5,000 😂

“Wow! I don’t need to buy any more gimmicks for switching decks,” –Nicolas Mathieu

Wow, that’s some real value..  Ok, truth is you won’t have to pay $5,000. Heck, you won’t even have to pay $500.  It’s back in print, baby! DVD Included!

Roberto Giobbi’s masterclass on switching decks.  Out of 160 ways he knows to switch a deck, these are the 32 best ways that, combined, give you the incredible power to make any card trick “examinable”