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Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 4

Hello everyone!

Here we are at day 4 of the Magic Advent Calendar. It is a short film clip, which was originally recorded as a private demonstration and explanation of the “Houdini Color Change”, described in my Card College Volume 3 (p. 744), following a very kind inquiry from a reader who did not come to terms with my description in the book.

I would like to remind us all that a Color Change is not just a “pretty effect”, which of course it is, provided it is well done, but that to elevate it to Artistic Magic, it should be given a meaning, a dramatic unity, which makes it more than just a “quickie”. This can be done by previously having a card selected (premise), then apparently failing in finding it (conflict), only to magically corriger la fortune by mysteriously transforming the wrong card into the spectator’s selection (resolution with astonishing miracle). Now it is an esthetically pleasing impossibility that fulfills the deep human desire to get out of trouble just by a snap of the fingers – who wouldn’t want to be able to do that (and in these times)! This is just one of the things Juan Tamariz pointed out to me many years ago in one of our night-long sessions, when he said to me, “You have to put emotions into it.” But that’s another story…

The clip is very “home-made” :-), in the “writer’s corner” of my studio in Muttenz, where many of my books have been written. I hope that all that matters to understand and learn the sleight is there, everything else is not… But since it’s free, you will forgive the “amateurish” quality…

To watch the clip CLICK HERE.


PS: If you like the idea of this Magic Advent Calendar and its content (and my innocent ramblings…), you can leave a comment on this page. Then everyone can read how great I am, and how much of a connoisseur YOU are 🙂

7 thoughts on “Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 4

  1. Thank you for these daily surprises! Enjoying them very much and finding them valuable.

  2. Great idea this calendar. BRAVO, and thank you for sharing this knowledge with us. Nice end of the year to all, JF

  3. I am not that much of a connoisseur, but I can tell that you are great ! Thank you very much for this advent calendar you are sharing, it is as inspiring as your books, and helps to motivate working !

  4. I love to use colour changes to “correct” an error, love this one. Robert, you are the best teacher in magic.

  5. Thank you Roberto, there were 2 subtle ideas that completely make this much prettier

  6. Thanks for sharing your knowledge constantly Roberto! I’m a big follower of your work! As an ophthalmologist from Argentina I hope some day you can help me get information about Robert Houdin’s inventions on that field. Gran abrazo desde la patria de Rene Lavand!

  7. I discoverde your Magic Advent Calendar by my good friend Eric Arfeuille ( Lucky Ring Magic Cercle, Belgium)

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