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The Best Card Trick for Laymen

When Dai Vernon was asked by Lewis Ganson what he considered the best impromptu card trick to do for laymen, the “Professor” immediately answered, “Matching the Cards”.

Few seem to perform this wonderful piece; although it only needs a little set-up, but one which is a pain in the neck.

This is my method to get into the necessary set-up using only a single Overhand Shuffle. Plus you get the Professor’s previously unpublished handling of performing this miracle.

Klick HERE to download the PDF for free.

1 thought on “The Best Card Trick for Laymen

  1. Absolutely love your setup! I use your brilliant idea in my particular routine. I started with twisting the Aces. Then I follow with sloppy shuffle triumph, that dont ruin the set up. And after all I blows all minds with unexpecting ending, by performing matching the cards☺️

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