Ask Roberto – The Printed Book!


One of the best-selling E-Books from Roberto Giobbi is now finally available as a real, perfect-bound book:

Imagine you could ask one of today’s most sought-after and respected authors of magic books any type of question related to magic and get a detailed and expert answer to your question. Well, you have it! In Ask Roberto 52 questions were asked and answered, more often than not with a lengthy essay full of wisdom and practical advice.

This is an easy to read book, which deals with all types of issues related to magic: techniques, history, tricks, presentations, audience management, how to study magic, theory, subtleties and a large etcetera.

We recommend you read one essay per week for a full year of great inspirational thoughts of all types. However, we know of some people, who didn’t listen and read it through in just a few days…

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Now also available as a printed book!

This started out as a totally unique E-Book. 52 readers supplied questions online. 52 opinionated, informed, expert answers by Roberto Giobbi would be provided in E-Book format (PDF). Roberto spent often several days to thoroughly answer each of the 52 questions. It is no wonder that this resulted in a copious E-Book with more than 330 regular sized pages. It is a publication unlike any other, where the readers gave the direction which the author followed. This is now available as a printed and perfect-bound book:

The 52 questions asked and answered:

Injog Overhand Shuffle
Presentation Ideas
How to Study
Fear of starting to perform
Three Card Monte
Memorized version of Out of Sight Out of Mind
Think Of A Card Routines
Magician is only an actor playing the role of a magician
Gilbreath Principle
Too Perfect Theory
How many effects?
Creative Process
Bottom Deal Applications
Philosophy of Magic
Trick That Can’t Be Explained
Origin of Display Pass
In Spectator’s Hands
Vernon’s Travellers
Effect Categories for Cards
Why do Magic?
Ten Best Card Effects
Best Self-Working Card Trick
Starting with Card Magic
Tabled Faro/Riffle Shuffle
Delayed Setup
Program Construction of an Act
How to Prepare for a Competition
Dirty Cards
Favorite Card Routine
Favorite ESP Card Trick
Secret Setup
Zarrow Shuffle
Escuela Magica de Madrid
How to Navigate Information
Favorite Non-Card Effects and Books
Magician Fooler
Notebook and Journal
Repertoire Books
How to Archive Tricks
General Card
Deck Switches
Stand-up Deck Switch
Best Si Stebbins Trick
Magic Pizza
Audience’s Reality
Clocking the Deck
Performing Opportunities
Alternative Sleights
Kolossal Killer

Additionally to Roberto’s thoughtful answer on the Too Perfect Theory you are also getting Jon Racherbaumer’s 60 page essay collection on this subject with contributions by Rick Johnsson, Tomas Blomberg, Magic Christian, Robert Neale, Bob Fitch, Jamy Ian Swiss, John Carney, Michael Close, Darwin Ortiz, Harry Lorayne, Martin Lewis, Patrick Watson and Simon Aronson.

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started in April 2009; finalized in 2013, 331 pages.
word count: 158631 which is equivalent to 634 standard pages of text

What they say about Ask Roberto:

“Imagine you are a guitar enthusiast and you would get the chance to ask Eric Clapton any question you ever wanted to ask him about his playing, his technique, his heroes, his equipment. Now you can be glad that you are a magic enthusiast and Roberto Giobbi lets your wish come true! I have subscribed to it immediately and I only can recommend you to do so, too!” (Andreas Sucker)

“Ask Roberto is simply dazzling in its range, and in this regard unlike any other magic book I’m aware of. Yet the value of Ask Roberto isn’t found in the wide variety of the questions, but in the quality of the answers. Many of his replies, even to seemingly simple questions, run many pages long, and reflect a tremendous level of thought and care in their depth. Forcing one to think deeply about the art and craft of conjuring is one function of a truly great magic book, and is among the highest compliments I can offer to any author.” (Eric Mead in GENII)

“Roberto Giobbi is world renowned as an intelligent, learned ‘professor’ of magic, whose thoroughness and attention to detail, especially in the field of card magic, is now legendary… Ask Roberto is an unbelievable range of accurate information and opinion from one of the world’s leading magical thinkers.. It is is an absolutely fascinating book which I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.” (MAGICSEEN)

“Without a doubt, Ask Roberto has been the greatest purchase of my magical career!” (John Holt, U.K.)