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“The Card College books are the modern cornerstone of all of card magic.” (Gordon Bruce, 11th JAN 2015)

Card College Volume 1 & Card College Volume 2 were conceived as one single book, but published in two volumes for convenience.

Get them together and learn the basics of state-of-the-art professional sleight-of-hand card magic: cutting-edge techniques, entertaining tricks, professional presentations and enlightening theory, all thoroughly taught in an engaging writing style, illustrated by hundreds of crystal-clear drawings that leave no questions open.

Volume 2 ends with seven startling chapters on the theory of magic.

If you understand and master the content of these two books, you will know more about card magic than 90% of magicians worldwide.


1 review for Card College 1&2

  1. EndersGame

    For anyone who is serious about learning card magic, you can’t do any better than the Card College series from Roberto Giobbi, and these two books (Volume 1 & 2) are the place to start.

    I’m not alone in thinking that this series has surpassed the somewhat dated “The Royal Road to Card Magic” (1949) by Frederick Braue and Jean Hugard as the top book to recommend for anyone that wants to master the fundamentals of card magic. This series is easily the best modern resource available in print today, and it not only teaches fundamental techniques, but also a solid set of strong card tricks at the same time.

    Mr Giobbi’s “Card College 1 & 2 Personal Instruction” video course corresponds to these two volumes, and is also highly recommended as a companion resource.

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