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Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 6

Hello everyone!

For many December 6th is a holiday, where Santa Claus leaves little presents in children’s shoes. Well, here is my present for the child in you (and me!): it is an old clip my friend Marco Aimone, the president of the magic club in Torino, Italy, sent me years ago. It aired on Italy’s national TV RAI – I have not been able to find the original airing date and place.

This clip is short and sweet, and it uses Card Magic to show yet another little quarrel between Donald and Mickey. Also, it gives us a glimpse into how non-magicians perceive magic and magicians, and important thing to learn, if we want to better understand ourselves and what we do. I like this little clip, and I hope you too.

To watch Mickey and Donald, CLICK HERE.

See you tomorrow!

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