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Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 21

Hello everyone!

Here we are, on the 21st episodes of our 24-part series in the Magic Advent Calendar. Since we’re getting closer to the finale, we need some extra energy, in the true sense of the word…

Frank Garcia in his two books Million Dollar Card Secrets and Super Subtle Card Miracles, both containing excellent ideas, had at the end of each a recipe; I recommend you try the “Super Meatloaf” – it’s at least as good as the magic in the book. Whenever we have magicians visiting us who stay for dinner, we – that’s Barbara (who does all the illustrations!) and me –  we serve Garcia’s “Super Meatloaf” as the main course. And before serving it, I always ask, “What is the connection of this course with magic?” Almost everyone is surprised when I produce Garcia’s book from under my cooking apron: they all know the book, but nobody seems to ever have done the recipe!

I’ve always wanted to do something similar in one of my publications. Well, I somehow never did it, but today took a chance with my Magic Advent Calendar 2020. So, here I am, in my kitchen, preparing one of my favorite recipes, a Graved Lax, as simple as a self-working card trick from my Light-series. As I say in the video, “Any 10-year-old could do it.” That’s true, even if you have never stood in a kitchen, you can reproduce this to great effect. However, like with all so-called “self-working card tricks”, you need to put some time and attention to it, and of course the most important ingredient, a little passion: you must like what you do, otherwise you have nothing to sincerely share. And both magic and cooking are about sharing a part of your life, interests and passion. Besides, as I already wrote in Secret Agenda, “Gastronomy is the basis of all good magic. Because gastronomy has to do with eating, if you don’t eat you die, and if you’re dead you cannot do good magic. Therefore, gastronomy is the basis of all good magic. Q.E.D!”

To watch how to prepare this super-simple recipe, which will make you look (almost) like a Michelin star chef, CLICK HERE:

Hollingworth, Maven, Green, Paviato, Bossi, Giobbi, in Muttenz, Switzerland, Giobbi home, 1997 after FISM Dresden – after “Super Meatloaf” dinner!

Bon appétit!

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  1. OK! My salmon is prepped and resting in my refrigerator!

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