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Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 17

Hello everyone!

It is December 17th, and here is today’s little gift for you.

You will see me, Roberto Giobbi, with the piece “The Deck of the Missed Opportunities” from my book Confidences (performance only). In the summer of 2017, as I was spending a week at Juan Tamariz’s home in the south of Spain, Dani DaOrtiz called and asked if I would be interested to tape the performance and explanation of a few pieces of mine for his Enfilo video series. We agreed to meet early afternoon at the Maestro’s home, while the latter was still sleeping the sleep of the just. We recorded this one, from Confidences, and my “Color Changing Deck” from Card College Volume 5.

A curiosity aside: The location of the take is Juan Tamariz’s home, the exact table and background you’ve watched if you saw his latest video seminars through Dani’s Enfilo web channel šŸ™‚

To watch me perform “The Deck of the Missed Opportunities” CLICK HERE.

Hope you like it!

PS: If you’re interested to learn the trick, you can do so from my book Confidences. The book is now out of print, but I have a few left, and you can order your copy HERE – if you want it signed to your name, please mention it in the comment field of the order form. If you prefer the explanation on video (in English or Spanish), you can get it from Dani’s webshop Enfilo HERE.

3 thoughts on “Magic Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 17

  1. Einstein (… or Twain, or…) would have definitely enjoyed this little piece of arts with playing cards!

  2. Thank you for sharing the creative process whereby you took some old and imperfect notes and converted them into astonishing, well-crafted routine. Your kindness and generosity in providing the daily Advent calendar gifts is much appreciated and bring some light and joy to the season.

  3. I am happy you shared this! I do this routine from ‘Confidences’ with a deck of US Baseball Players…my copy of your book is all marked up!

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