Download: The Complete Card College 3 & 4 – Personal Instruction

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“It has surpassed everything that came before.” -Dan Harlan
“I’d recommend it to ANYBODY.” –Michael Close
Card College Volumes 3 and 4, considered by many to be the finest and most influential treatises on the art and science of card magic, translated into a self-contained video course and personally taught by Roberto Giobbi.

What you get

  • 22 hours of teaching without bla-bla
  • 25 Lessons
  • 42 performance pieces discussed in detail
  • 157 techniques and variations thereof
  • numerous strategies and concepts
  • …and a lifetime of dedication to magic




“Card College is the modern cornerstone of all of card magic.” -Gordon Bruce

General Information

Roberto Giobbi’s remarkable Card College books have become the groundbreaking course in the subject – an analysis of the art, science, technique and philosophy of card magic. Card College has changed the way a generation of magicians have learned card magic, and changed the way they think about it.

Card College 1&2, Personal Instruction, reflecting volumes 1 and 2 of the Card College books, with nearly eight hours of material, discussed the basic concepts of Artistic Card Magic, such as False Shuffles & Cuts, Controls, Forces, etc.

Now, Card College 3&4 – Personal Instruction, reflecting volumes 3 and 4 of the Card College bookstakes you to the next level of expert card magic, discussing new topics, such as Packet Switches, Multiple Shifts, Tilt, Sandwich Techniques, or Estimation, but also advanced concepts of chapters already introduced in the first two volumes, such as refined Controls, specific Forces, various False Riffle Shuffles, Palms, Passes, and much, much more. You’ll find dozens of the most marvellous card tricks, some of them great classics in a modern dress.

As one of magic’s great teachers, Roberto will serve as an inspiration in your work. These videos are unlike any you’ve ever seen, professionally photographed and edited to efficiently demonstrate card techniques, with clear close-ups and reverse shots, a total of five camera-angles, as well as masterly analysis of every move. You’ll find these to be stimulating lessons for all card enthusiast who appreciate a connoisseur’s approach to card magic. Best of all, here’s a chance to meet Roberto, watch his presentations and benefit from his personal instruction.

In these 25 Lessons, plus an informative Introduction and a motivating Envoy, you’ll learn advanced techniques and entertaining performance pieces. All this is taught in the tradition of the Spanish School of Magic that encourages a holistic view: Clear guidelines, but without dogmas and with an open architecture, inspiring you to find and express your own uniqueness.

In the tried and tested Card College style, Roberto teaches magic immediately, with astonishing routines, allowing you to see the sleights in action and put them to use in these effects.

These videos contain most of the material from the books, PLUS material that has never been published before: Dozens of new and useful techniques, along with tricks that are not in the books, and those that are in the books have been given novel presentations.

Produced by Magic Communication Roberto Giobbi in partnership with Ceratifilm (April 2022).


The Complete Card College 3 – Personal Instruction

Lesson 24: Assorted Techniques & Refinements

Lesson 25: Breaks, Steps, Injogs

Lesson 26 – Controls Part 2

Lesson 27 – Multiple Shifts

Lesson 28: Double Lift – Part 3

Lesson 29: False Displays Counts 2

Lesson 30: Riffle Shuffle 2

Lesson 31: Faro Shuffle

Lesson 32: Advanced Palming Techniques

Lesson 33: Side Steal and Diagonal Palm Shift

Lesson 34: Color Change

To download the detailed “Content of Volume 3” CLICK HERE.

The Complete Card College 4 – Personal Instruction 

Lesson 35: Forces – Part 3

Lesson 36: Single Card Switches

Lesson 37: Packet Switches

 Lesson 38: Estimation

 Lesson 39: Culling

Lesson 40: Stacking

Lesson 41: False Deals

Lesson 42: Sandwich Techniques

 Lesson 43: Lapping

Lesson 44: Tilt

 Lesson 45: Advanced Pass Techniques

 Lesson 46: Reverse

Lesson 47: Turnovers

Lesson 48: Flourishes

To download the detailed “Content of Volume 4” CLICK HERE.

Technical Information

The complete course is available as an immediate download in the  practical and comfortable MP4 format. It consists of 27 lessons (MP4) together in one folder hosted in the Card College Dropbox. Simply click on the folder icon to display all Lessons: You can now stream-view each Lesson online (from Dropbox), or download  them individually or together to your favorite device, from where you can enjoy it anytime offline (selecting all, automatically creates a zip-file) .

The size of the complete folder is ca. 18 GB for superior viewing quality, the size of the individual Lessons varies from ca. 500 MB to ca. 1.2 GB. For smooth downloading we recommend a good connection to Internet.

Once downloaded to your computer, we recommend you store the files on an external hard disk, and also in a storage cloud (e.g. Dropbox).

Please Consider…

This project encapsulates a lifetime of study & experience. It is part of our livelihood, and we kept it at a very affordable price to discourage piracy. Please be fair and do not share these files with others. Thank you!