European Coin Magic Symposium

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In 2011 Italian’s Giacomo Bertini organized an amazing convention in Milan solely devoted to coin magic. It was a Symposium in the true sense of the term, with lots of magic, camaraderie and gastronomy. It was a non-stop three days and two nights gathering of some of the best in the field: lectures, workshops, shows, private coaching, and of course magic sessions around the clock.

This video captures the original and amazing coin magic of some of the greatest experts in the field, and also of some who you would not consider coin experts. You’ll be surprised seeing rope specialist Francis Tabary perform an eye-popping routine, where three coins as mysteriously disappear as they reappear an instant later. The coin vanish he employs is just incredible! And you will be astounded to witness cardician Roberto Giobbi perform a truly magical Coin Assembly, beautifully arranged into a charming routine.

Here are twelve experts, plus a special guest, performing and explaining in detail some of their most cherished coin pieces. This is a document of a unique reunion as well as a great learning video!

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The video is in English language, but several performances are purely visual and done to music only, so that you can enjoy them even though you only understand little English. All explanations are in simple, straightforward English, with various camera angles that leave no questions open.

The list of the performer’s reads like a Who’s Who of Coin Magic:

Giacomo Bertini
Francis Tabary
Miguel Angel Gea
Eric Jones
Antony Gerard
Francesco Addeo
Roberto Giobbi
Shigeo Futagawa
Jean Emmanuel Franzis
Michael Rubinstein
Jerome Bourgeon

…and as special guest Ginjiro (performance only of his beautiful Coin Box Routine)

Running time is ca. 90 minutes, nicely packaged in a DVD-Box with four-color cover