Card College Playing Cards – Single Deck Blue


Roberto Giobbi wrote Card College, a work considered worldwide as the standard text on sleight-of-hand card magic.
TCC is the publisher of Card College Playing Cards and the producer of quality magic literature and props.
Together, they have created this regulation deck to fulfill the highest standards for card players and magicians.


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More Information… 

  • Limited First Edition of 10’000 blue decks.
  • Beautiful back color Royal Blue.
  • Printed by USPCC on their Casino Premium Stock, the best currently available.
  • Cut top-down, i.e. you can faro them as taught in Chapter 35 “The Faro Shuffle” in Card College Volume 3.
  • Out-of-the-box quality.
  • Special design on Ace of Spades with the Card College logo.
  • Two Extra Jokers with portrait of Roberto Giobbi. The “Guarantee Joker” has a humorous text, which you can use for several tricks (e.g. “Guaranteed!” or “The Fine Print”, both from Confidences, or “Card Call” from Stand-up Card Magic).
  • The nine surfaces on the card case have the following characteristics:
    • Each side has a motivational and poetic quote (one by Hofzinser, the other by Socrates). Also on the side, two pieces of information are given, one on each side. Side 1: the vintage year when the cards were printed (“2019”). Side 2: what edition it is (“1st”). No other deck we know of has gone to that degree of sophistication!
    • From the two side-tabs, one carries the years the Card College books originally appeared in German (1992, 1994 & 2003), the other tab shows Roberto Giobbi’s birthday (1st May 1959), so from now on you can send the author birthday greetings and gifts…
    • The flap has a short but informative text on Roberto Giobbi, the Card College books and TCC as the publishers of the Chinese version of the books and cards.
    • The bottom of the case has the Card College logo and that of TCC, the copyright note, AND hidden in the open, so to speak, the formula for the Haymow Shuffle, which is at the basis of several excellent card tricks, with “Dai Vernon’s Poker Demonstration” being top-of-the-list (you’ll find it in Ganson’sDai Vernon Book of Magic, or on Roberto Giobbi’s DVD Dai Vernon Seminar both in the video and in the enclosed PDF). Or see Roberto Giobbi’s column “The Genii Session” in Genii of August 2007 called “The Horowitz Poker Deal”.
    • The face of the case reflects the dustcover design of the American edition of Card College and pays tribute to Stephen Minch and his Hermetic Press, recently acquired by Acar Altinsel and his Penguin Magic.
    • The back of the case is a nod in the direction of Barbara Giobbi’s drawings in the books, which were done before today’s sophisticated drawing softwares were available: the beautifully minimalistic back design of the cards reflects the hatched backs of the cards in the book’s illustrations.
    • The top of the case reads “R. Giobbi’s Card College Playing Cards”. With this you can perform the trick “Tally-Ho” as described in Confidences: simply place a Joker instead of a “Six” at the 3rd position from the face, and then substitute “A. Dougherty” (10 cards) with “R.Giobbi’s” including the full stop and the apostrophe in the count (totals 10), Tally-Ho” (7 cards) with “College” (also 7), “Playing” and “Cards” are the same. When you turn up the Joker, spell “Joker”, and you get to the last Ace. It’s an old Henry Christ plot, with a super-touch by Richard Vollmer, and Roberto Giobbi’s presentational and handling details.
  • Bonus 1: The cards have a very subtly one-way design, which n-o-b-o-d-y will see at first sight, but once you know it, you will immediately and clearly see it, even in a hand- or table-spread.
  • Bonus 2 & 3: Two double-backers (blue/blue, and red/blue).

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