Card College 1&2 Personal Instruction Lesson 6: Riffle Shuffle


Card College is considered by many to be the most important and influential work on sleight-of-hand card magic for the beginner and the expert. With these videos the author personally coaches you. It is like taking one-to-one lessons!

This is Lesson 6 of the Card College 1&2 – Personal Instruction video course in card magic.

It will teach you the correct way professionals riffle shuffle a deck. The basic grip taught is fundamental for the execution of more advanced Riffle Shuffle techniques. Plus you’ll get the inside know-how of how to riffle shuffle a deck in the air and finish it with a pleasing looking waterfall flourish.

Furthermore you’ll be able to enjoy a performance of an extremely clever card trick that will fool everyone not in the know. This is followed by a detailed discussion that will convey to you all the information needed to perform this easy, yet baffling piece, using the Riffle Shuffle and a little-known principle, which you will be able to apply in other tricks as well.



Roberto Giobbi presents Card College 1&2 – Personal Instruction.

With Roberto Giobbi, based on the material from his books Card College Volumes 1&2, updated and expanded.

Lesson 6, “Riffle Shuffle”, contains:

  • Techniques
    • Riffle Shuffle Handling & Techniques
    • Riffle Shuffle in the Air With Waterfall
  • Tricks (Performance)
    • The Mind Mirror
  • Tricks (Explanation)
    • The Mind Mirror

The tricks are audience-tested and highly entertaining effects. They contain several of the techniques taught in this and in previous lessons, so you can learn how to effectively apply them in real-life situations.

The detailed explanation also discusses practical concepts such as presentation, communication, timing, misdirection and all those things that will help you understand the causes and the essence of card magic.

This video lesson is completely self-contained; using the Card College book as an additional learning tool can be helpful, but is absolutely not necessary. This video course has been conceived with all those in mind who prefer visual instruction to reading.

Lesson 6 contains professional-caliber material and information. If you are willing to think and to practice, you will obtain extraordinary results.

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