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The 13 Golden Rules of Magic

Although it is true that there are no rules in Art, it is also true that, to learn a discipline, regardless of what type, following certain guidelines will make the process easier. Inspired by Henri Decremps, who in 1786 wrote down thirteen “principles of magic” in his landmark book Testament de Jérome Sharp, I have reviewed this advice, based on my own experience of several decades as a performing professional and have formulated what I think to be thirteen thoughts that will lead the aspiring magician to success.

Klick HERE for free PDF The 13 Golden Rules of Magic.

1 thought on “The 13 Golden Rules of Magic

  1. Thank you for your elegant didactic style, especially for always crediting the masters who came before us. Recognizing the role they have played in helping new generations take their effects to the next level is respectful and honest, unique when many slightly modify an effect and claim it as new taking credit for someone else’s work.
    Also, thank you for celebrating the beauty of expressing one’s self in multiple languages. It brings a touch of elegance rarely seen today; one that demonstrates that those in our art can be well-read and cultured, not just men with a bag of tricks.

    ¡Que viva nuestro arte!

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