Roberto Giobbi was born in Basle, Switzerland, on the 1st of May 1959. He has a mathematical and scientific background, has studied literature and linguistics and is fluent in six languages. Since 1988 he has been working as a professional magician, author and lecturer. At the FISM World Championship of Magic he won twice the title of Vice World Champion in Card Magic, and as the winner of all categories, received the Grand Prix in Switzerland.

Roberto has become one of the most sought-out voices on magic and his lectures have grown near legendary. He is one of forty members of the Escuela Magica de Madrid, magic’s only Think Tank. He has written essays and columns for over 50 magic magazines and is the author of the five bestselling volumes of Card College, which are the most widely translated magic books in history and are considered globally as the ultimate reference work for card magic. He has over 50 books to his credit, including their translation in 6 languages. Part of his life was captured in “Il giardino dei giochi segreti”, a 50-minutes documentary by Swiss TV. In 2012, he received the coveted Literary Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts, and in 2014 the John Nevil Maskelyne Award for Literature from the prestigious Magic Circle of London.

Roberto also has an international reputation as a teacher. He is a sought-after lecturer and coach for professional magicians and he also gives interdisciplinary talks and workshops for industry managers on creativity, communication, and presentation.

Roberto Giobbi is married and has two children – he lives near Basel, Switzerland, and works worldwide.[1]

1987 Writer of the Year of the Magischer Zirkel von Deutschland
1988 Vice World Champion Card Magic at FISM (The Hague)
1990 Grand Prix at the Swiss Championships of Magic
1991 Vice World Champion Card Magic at FISM (Lausanne)
2012 Literary Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts
2014 John Nevil Maskelyne Award for Literature from the Magic Circle of London

Grosse Kartenschule, Vol. 1 (1992)
Grosse Kartenschule, Vol. 2 (1992)
Grosse Kartenschule, Vol. 3 (1994)
Grosse Kartenschule, Vol. 4 (1994)
Grosse Kartenschule, Vol. 5 (2003)

Card College, Vol. 1 (1995)
Card College, Vol. 2 (1996)
Card College, Vol. 3 (1998)
Card College, Vol. 4 (2000)
Card College, Vol. 5 (2003)

Cours de cartomagie moderne, Vol. 1 (1994)
Cours de cartomagie moderne, Vol. 2 (1996)
Cours de cartomagie moderne, Vol. 3 (2005)

Card College Light (2006)
Card College Lighter (2008)
Card College Lightest (2010)
Secret Agenda (2010)
Introduction to Card Magic (2012)
Confidences (2013)
The Art of Switching Decks (2013)

Various DVDs

2004 documentary of Swiss television “Il giardino dei giochi segret”i about Giobbi


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  1. Hello Roberto

    This is Michael Vincent messaging you from London.
    I have just returned home from South Korea to find your new book has arrived.
    I just wanted to thank and acknowledge you for producing this fine book.
    I have been very passionate about Stand up Card Magic ever since studying “The Royal Road to Card Magic”.
    In fact, I challenged myself to learn all of the routines in the last chapter just so that I could immerse myself in this fascinating distinction of card magic – card effects that play big for large audience.

    Your new book will form part of my ongoing research and development.

    My program of stand up effects has grown over the years, so I am excited to add more finesse to my work through your new book.
    Thank you again for your genorosity of spirit.

    Kind regards

    Michael Vincent

    You may not remember me, however, I remember you when I was very young, you came to London many times with Arturo Ascanio during his time at The Ron McMillan Convention back in the 1980s

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